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There is no responsibility more important than that of being a parents. Entrusting your child’s care to someone else is a difficult task. Children’s Corner makes that decision easier for you by providing a positive and enjoyable experience for both you and your child in an atmosphere which provides the love, comfort, safety and security that a concerned parent requires. We say that with confidence becasue we are not just childcare professional… we are parents just like you!


As parents we understand the difficulties of raising children in today’s stressful and demanding world and we know the importance of ensuring you that the children are not just watched but challenged to learn and from throughout the day in a stimulating supportive and nurturing environment.


It is our Primary Goal to develop and foster a positive self-image in each and every child, provide opportunities for self-expression, a problem solving, creative thinking and to establish the necessary foundation for academic and social success.

  • Create an environment where you and your child feel comfortable and secure

  • Provide a school where uniqueness is recognized and respected

  • Provide essential ingredients to foster your child’s growth at every stage

  • Help your child develop self-assurance so that he or she is free to be curious, to be creative, to experiment, and to learn

When you enroll one child, receive a 10% discount for a second child! Our rates are flexible.

Place your children in a supportive, caring environment

  • Perceptual training

  • Motor development

  • Problem solving and socialization

  • Music, movement, and rhythm; art, play and yoga

  • Science, social studies, reading and math readiness

We offer a clean, safe space for learning:


Our Philosophy and Goals

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Our program includes

Children’s Corner enthusiastically presents the Land of the Letter People a learning program which guides children through literacy development, offer the necessary skills to unlock oral and written language, and provides the emotional engagement that empowers learning. We incorporate age-appropriate sharing of current events and an awareness and appreciation of the earth and the world around us. Children are encouraged to share their ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds to cultivate an early understanding of the diversity in our world and awaken in each child the realization that learning is exciting and ongoing!

Reading Program: